The Cycling Wheels of Justice

Three years ago, on September 21, 2014 Jill Tarlov died of injuries she sustained when Jason W. Marshall cycled into her in Central Park on West Drive and 63rd Street. Since unlike most cyclists who hit pedestrians, he remained at the scene, we know Marshall’s name and that on the Strava website for athletes he had frequently boasted of breaking speed limits.

A police spokeswoman says that charges were never filed in the case. I must accept that means that Marshall acted in a totally lawful manner. Nonetheless, as a New Yorker who has been hit by one bike rider and grazed by a few others, I was dumbstruck when I read that an irresponsible cyclist in England who killed a mother of two has been sentenced to eighteen months in jail.  When has that ever happened here?

At the time, it seemed that the Tarlov tragedy would finally highlight the issue of pedestrian safety in a city where daily cycling grew 350 % between 1990 and 2015, before Citi Bike began a major expansion.

The public discussion never happened, although average New Yorkers grumble about it all the time. What do you think? Please click the reply box below.

2 thoughts on “The Cycling Wheels of Justice

  1. Cyclist are suppose to follow the ‘rules of the road’ just as automobiles are required. I know this includes direction of traffic flow, but am not sure about speed limit. Seems to me if a cyclist is in error of this the necessary penalties should apply. The problem seems to be few cyclist are aware of the law.


  2. It is definitely time for there to be public hearings on how to better regulate reckless bicyclers.I think what is particularly needed is to ticket riders who go against the flow of vehicular traffic and also those who ride on sidewalks. Those are key areas where unsay pedestrians are most likely to be injured.


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