Marching to Brooklyn

The de Blasio Administration has entered a bid for Brooklyn – not New York City — to host the 2016 Democratic Party Convention.   I hope this one borough gets bragging rights to the convention and even more. Brooklyn should host all city parades now held on Fifth Avenue in tired and sanitized Manhattan. Let the St. Patrick’s Day Parade of 2015 lead the way from the Grand Army Plaza all along Eastern Parkway. All the other my-group-is-better-than-yours cavalcades could follow – including those that require heightened near-military security.

Equally fine, parades could be shifted to The Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

Please comment.

1 thought on “Marching to Brooklyn

  1. Wonderful idea. NYC, as everyone forgets, has FIVE boroughs. Let’s spread the attention, joy, and pain, beyond Manhattan.


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