Bad Boys Are Looking Good

If this is how elite newspaper editors and the police behave, no wonder miscreants are looking good. As shocking as the news that the Bronx grand jury failed to indict the policeman who gunned down Ramarley Graham by his grandmother’s toilet is the way the New York Times treated the story.

This morning it ran yet another “blacks love bad boys Spitzer and Weiner” story on the front page of its printed edition, while placing the Bronx-cop-goes-free-for-killing-unarmed-black-youth on way back on page 13.

The Times had an index note at the bottom of its page one “Police Killing Won’t Go To Trial” but that seemed a little obscure. In contrast, the old news was prominent — the Times also ran stories about African American support for law-bending candidates on July 15, July 20 and July 29, so it was hard to find the news there.

I sent this comment to the NY Times this morning, but they did not publish it. I also emailed my concerns to its Public Editor. The vile treatment of the late Ramarley Graham by the NY Times, a paper that I rely on, is the inspiration for this blog. Horrible things are happening in New York City today, and it is not ordinary citizens who perpetrate them nor can street criminals equal the harm done by our failed elites. Bull Connor and Boss Tweed come to my mind every day.

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