Q is for Questionable

Patch.com offers a telling post on what has seemed to be an inexplicable lack of arrival clocks on the Q line  but that is getting sorted. In the last week, Q trains have skipped the 72nd Street station; one train was stuck at 72nd Street on Sunday morning, effectively shutting down service until the MTA somehow got it moving; and erratic morning rush hour service caused such delays that the over-crowded platform became a safety hazard. The booth clerk announced she was dispensing vouchers so people could find other routes because the platform had to be cleared. (So don’t blame the trains, blame the platforms).

Two years in, the new two-mile, $4.45 billion Q is now fully integrated with the rest of the incompetence-plagued network. Like the rest of the system, it is great when it works.The next phase of the Second Avenue Subway is projected to cost $6 billion.

But let’s end on a high note – the 72nd Street Q station actually has a booth clerk. Did someone anticipate that there would be trouble?

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