Paris Has a High Line! Qui savait que?

Present in the City was present in Paris and files this report:

It’s not as exciting as New York’s High Line, even for a New Yorker excited about Paris, but the City of Lights does have its own elevated park. Opened in 1993, 16 years before the 2009 debut of Manhattan’s newest landmark, the Viaduct des Arts/Promenade Plantée runs on the abandoned Vincennes Railroad viaduct northeast of the Gare de Lyon and then continues at street level.

Lovers of the High Line who run out of other things to do in Paris, and find themselves seeking tranquility or the understated scribbles that mimic Gotham graffiti, might check it out. Although it’s mentioned in guide books, it is still not easy to find. It is marked on the Paris aver Rues map available at metro stations and is a bit of a stroll from the Bastille stop. Walk down the Rue de Lyon until you come to the red brick wall. Meanwhile, New Yorkers staying home can check out the new section of the High Line opening Sept. 21. Here are some views for comparison (click for enlargements):

Promenade Plantee

Quiet Contemplation

Peaceful lunch

Dejeuner sur bench

Skeptical Parisians

Cherchez graffiti — they are waving, really

Viaduct des Arts

The base of the Promenade Plantee

Health Enthusiasts

Health Enthusiasts

Bridge at Viaduct des Arts

Sky Bridge

Viaduct des Arts

No grass to cut at this level

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